Flashback Friday

Today is Friday, our day of worship since we moved to this part of the world. Our girls have both been sick this week. Ethan kindly offered to stay home with them so I could go and worship with our church this morning. What a gift from the Lord to join His people in praise!

When I got back, Ethan told me he and the girls had been listening to chapel songs from our Cedarville days, 14  years ago. We started comparing notes on which were our favorites. Music holds so many memories. As we stood there in the kitchen YouTubing those songs, we had so much fun remembering His work in our lives. It was a gift to praise again, this time joining Ethan, alongside whom I love to worship Jesus the most.

One of our favorites is The First Place. Do you remember these wonderful lyrics?

The First Place

Jesus, the perfect picture of the unseen God
Maker of things we cannot comprehend.
Wisdom, the earth displays Your strength and beauty.
Sovereign, yes, every throne knows You are God.

Every inch of this universe belongs to You, O Christ.
For through You and for You it was made.
Your creation endures by the order of Your hand.
So You must have in all things the first place.

Victor, over sin and death You triumphed.
Firstborn, You’ve shown us life beyond the grave.
Bridegroom, we long for You in expectation.
Jesus, Your church rejoices to proclaim.
© 1999 Matthew Westerholm

Our Heart Our Desire.

Salvation Belongs to Our God

This one was not a chapel song but played often at events– Testify to Love

And of course–In Christ Alone, our class song!

And since it is Flashback Friday, here are two more pictures in honor of our college days…

Traditional Finger Food dinner before finals week

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