6 years later…


Our wedding day – the day I said hello to a new life with the love of my life – was also the day I said goodbye to my life in the DR and flew to the US to make a new home in a new country. I left my dear family and precious church – thus all the tears in the video. 🙂 I left home gladly because Ethan would be home. What a home Ethan has been! Such a sweet, sweet picture of the home I have found in Jesus. I didn’t realize, though, there would be much grieving these past 6 years over the loss of belonging I had in my culture, my country, my home church of 28 years, my beloved family. Yet through multiple cross cultural moves, and as I have grieved & ran to seek refuge in others and not Christ; as I have repented & tasted the reality of my union with Christ, He has opened my eyes to the real and lasting Home that I can’t ever lose. Jesus, my Home, has found me and will never let me go. 

One thought on “6 years later…

  1. 6 years already???? Wow.
    And that video made me choke up a few times. Good memories 🙂 happy anniversary to you, guys! LOVE YOU!


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