Day 18: Embrace Life-giving Authority

I think we all have a complicated relationship with authority. We may have experienced the gift of kind authority AND may have suffered under harsh and needy displays of authority as well. Maybe we swing back and forth on the pendulum – going from authoritarian to permissive continually and struggling to know what the middleContinue reading “Day 18: Embrace Life-giving Authority”

Day 17: Devotion in Action – Guest Post by Sara Lubbers

Do you know what the most quoted verse in the Bible is? It’s probably the one we most need to commit to memory, the one we most need to recall while parenting, and the one we most need to teach to our children. It comes from a powerful encounter that Moses had with the LORDContinue reading “Day 17: Devotion in Action – Guest Post by Sara Lubbers”

Day 14: Helping Children Find Joy When Their Life is Hard – Guest post by Alicia Vining

“He doesn’t like anything about this country or the people,” I told the therapist about one of my children.⁣ I initiated a phone call with her because I had exhausted all my ideas. The mom guilt was weighing heavy on my shoulders. I couldn’t help but think of all the long-term issues I might beContinue reading “Day 14: Helping Children Find Joy When Their Life is Hard – Guest post by Alicia Vining”

Day 10: Outsource your Parenting

I read recently that we become what we pay attention to (Curtis Thompson). In any conversation about parenting there’s the danger of paying too much attention to our parenting. To focus on and obsess over how we parent. But friend – if there is one thing you will take away from this whole series (andContinue reading “Day 10: Outsource your Parenting”

Day 9: Practice discernment

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of paying attention to our kids and being curious about them. But paying attention is not enough. We need to practice discernment about what we see in them. So I am learning to evaluate my kids’ attitudes and responses throughout the week and trying to figure out what theyContinue reading “Day 9: Practice discernment”