Day 6 – Taking Sin Lightly Enough to Take It Seriously

I still remember riding the Dubai metro, almost 6 years ago, listening to a voice note from @kimransleben. Her words introduced a new concept for me that really changed the way I thought and helped me live in the hope of Christ. She said: “You need to take sin lightly enough to take it seriously.” Continue reading “Day 6 – Taking Sin Lightly Enough to Take It Seriously”

Day 5 – A Prayer for the Parent Struggling to Abide in Love

Father,  I praise you for letting me know you as Father – with life-giving authority and power, filled with self- sacrificial love, always working out of the overflow of the wealth of your wisdom Father, you know me well. You know my story – both the sin AND suffering that have shaped my soul. YouContinue reading “Day 5 – A Prayer for the Parent Struggling to Abide in Love”

Day 3 – Living Through the Son

Growing up in a world that emphasized robust theology, I used look down on those who emphasized God’s love too much. It seemed to be at the expense of right theology. Those who sang about God’s love & seemed to only talk about it, were too “wishy-washy” for me. But, friends, a laser focus onContinue reading “Day 3 – Living Through the Son”

October series: Home in Motion

When we first moved overseas our oldest daughter really missed home. She longed for the normal she’d known and the permanence that had grounded her. She wanted nothing more than to return. But we had no plans of going back to the States (in fact we knew more moves lay ahead as part of ourContinue reading “October series: Home in Motion”