Day 4 – Where Do You Live?

My favorite scene in the movie Hitch is when Hitch is teaching Albert Brennaman how to dance. Albert tells him, “That’s the one thing I am not worried about.” He goes on to show Hitch all his dance moves. But Hitch is not impressed at all with his moves making pizza, throwing away a q-tip or starting a fire. As he models actual smooth moves, Hitch tells him, “This is where you live. Right here. This is home.” 

In some ways that is what I want to do with this series. I want to be your personal cheerleader encouraging you to stay “right here.” 

(Can you hear me chant: “His love is home! His love is home!”)

So how can we tell where we are abiding? Here are some diagnostic questions: 

🌿What makes your soul happy in God? 

🌿When you are discouraged and weary, what renews your hope? 

🌿Where does your security come from? Is it from “right” theology? From how your walk with God is going? 

🌿Do you sometimes find yourself listing all the things you are doing for God as a way of strengthening your confidence? 

🌿Does confidence before God come from comparing yourself to others who don’t get it as right as you do? 

🌿When you picture looking at the Father’s face, is he smiling at you? Or disappointed in you? What makes him smile at you? 

🌿What motivates your desire to keep Christ’s words? To follow him & be fruitful?

🌿Where do you run to when shame tries to bully you? To the approval of others, to please them, to do more and try to be enough?

I am not trying to encourage unhealthy introspection with these questions (believe me, I was a pro at that). I am just hoping these will serve as markers to know when to redirect your gaze at the all sufficient work of Christ and to his complete rescue when we have wandered over to (or chosen) the life of the flesh.

Self reliance, pride, shame over not being enough or better; anxiety & fear – these are not marks of our real lasting life. These are all the old man, and Christ killed it. 

Let’s count the old man dead and turn to our real & only life: Christ. Even when our hearts are prone to wander, his powerful union with us holds us fast. 

He is the home that never lets us go. 

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