About this blog

Hello! My  name is Aylin Merck. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Our family makes our home in a city on the desert in the Middle East. My husband and I have two daughters and a son. Originally from the Dominican Republic, I have moved cross culturally multiple times.

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Welcoming people into our home, savouring food with friends, enjoying (rare but wonderful) slow mornings filled with coffee and books, writing, listening to the sound of rain, and running are some of my very favorite things.

I love words, I love the Word (both written and Incarnate), I love theology and I love life. Writing brings it all together.  Passionate for both theology and biblical counseling, I am compelled to encourage women with the truth of who God is for them in Jesus Christ.

Why I write: 

I am a hope-spiller.  Probably because I am a recovering perfectionist and quite prone to seek hope within myself, I continually need to be buoyed up by the realization that hope is outside of me. My husband loves to say that the ministry that God does in us is the one he wants to do through us. Since the ministry that I need the most is for God to feed my hope in Christ, hope in Christ is what tends to spill over in my writing.

I am also a joy-sharer. John Piper wrote, “The happiness we find in God reaches its consummation when it is shared with others…” As God keeps revealing the beauty of His Son and satisfying my heart over and over again, it completes my joy to share it with others. So I write: for both yours and mine joy in Jesus Christ.

I am conversation starter. I love a good conversation. I have had to learn the art of small talk because my tendency is to go deep. I tend to ask lots of questions as I seek to understand. I write not only to be known but also to know  you. So this blog is a conversation starter. I would love to hear your thoughts, learn from your insights, and engage with you as I seek to know and love Jesus more.

I am one with Christ. If there is one overarching reality that has gripped my heart over the past few years is that I am one with Christ. More and more I am seeing how this reality impacts every part of my life. I learn by writing and so, this blog is one of the ways I think through union with Christ as a global nomad, as a wife, as a mom, and as a beloved daughter that is journeying Home.

7 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Thank you Aylin for sharing this articles May God continue using you for His glory .
    Praying for you and your family


  2. Dios te bendiga Aylin, encontré un artículo tuyo en avivanuestroscorazones.com llamado luz al final del túnel, acerca de lo que viviste emocionalmente tan difícil, y fue de gran bendición porque viví lo mismo, y fue muy alentador, debido a eso busque quién eras y así fue como me suscribí a este blog.
    Me gustaría estar más en contacto contigo.


  3. Hola Aylín. Tu papá estará visitando el Perú, muy pronto, y al escuchar su nombre, no estaba segura si él era tu papá o no. Entonces me puse a buscarte en internet y te encontré. Vi una foto de tu matrimonio y allí estaban tus padres. Tus padres estuvieron en Dubai cuando mi familia y yo también estabamos por esos lares. Y recuerdo que me presentaste a ellos. Mi mamá también estaba con nosotros en Dubai. Veo que tu familia ha crecido, creo que la última vez que supe de ti, tú estabas embarazada de tu último bebé. Dios los bendiga donde se encuentren y los proteja de todo mal. Te veo muy saludable.


  4. Hola Aylin! Que precioso ha sido escucharte en el podcast de Crianza Reverente y en el de Entre Libros y Abrazos!
    Ha sido muy retador todo lo que comparten!
    Vivo en Costa Rica, felizmente casada y tenemos 2 chicas de 10 y 12 años!
    Gracias por todos tus tips! Para nuestro Dios toda la gloria!!!
    Sos una mujer bella por dentro y por fuera y te admiro mucho! Y estoy segura Dios sonríe al ver tu labor!


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