Do-It-Yourself Reading challenge (and a few tips to improve your reading life)

(Más abajo hay un audio con este blog en español en caso de que no puedas leer en inglés). I have loved reading ever since I am a little girl. Books are my favorite gift to receive and to give away. But I have found that my reading life has had ebbs and flows throughContinue reading “Do-It-Yourself Reading challenge (and a few tips to improve your reading life)”

In which I introduce you to loneliness’ friends, and how I get them to leave

Loneliness always brings along a few friends. I would know. The first time I remember encountering Loneliness  I was 20. I had left my home in the Dominican Republic to go to university in the US.  Those first months were especially hard: I didn’t live on campus but a 20 minute drive away. I couldn’tContinue reading “In which I introduce you to loneliness’ friends, and how I get them to leave”

Loving our Kids Through Transition

“Mom, I really miss my friends.” We’d moved to the Middle East a few months before, and my oldest – then 3. 8 years old – was really struggling with leaving our old life behind. Her downcast look made my heart sink. “Oh sweetheart, I know. I miss my friends so much too…” I wantedContinue reading “Loving our Kids Through Transition”

On Women and Preaching, a guest post

Thankful to be hosting my husband, Ethan Merck, on here today. In the discussion about women preaching from the front on Sunday – the current surge of concerned discussion – I want to acknowledge that many women I know have been hurt and disadvantaged by people applying principles in ways that go beyond Scripture. TheContinue reading “On Women and Preaching, a guest post”

Why My Kids Are God’s Grace In This Season

Have you ever gone through a pretty significant transition as a family and found yourself thinking, “Man! Doing this with kids is HARD?” Yeah? Well, it has actually never crossed my mind. I love every minute of going through transition with our kids. Like when I come home dead tired after getting lost in aContinue reading “Why My Kids Are God’s Grace In This Season”

(A) Typical Woman – Book Review

Have you ever thought, “I’m not a typical woman?” I have. I remember many years ago, not “getting” what was so great about being a woman. Somehow my idea of womanhood was tied to doing things with my hands like baking and crafts. But I didn’t think I was good at those things. I wasContinue reading “(A) Typical Woman – Book Review”