Day 6 – Taking Sin Lightly Enough to Take It Seriously

I still remember riding the Dubai metro, almost 6 years ago, listening to a voice note from @kimransleben. Her words introduced a new concept for me that really changed the way I thought and helped me live in the hope of Christ. She said: “You need to take sin lightly enough to take it seriously.” Continue reading “Day 6 – Taking Sin Lightly Enough to Take It Seriously”

Day 5 – A Prayer for the Parent Struggling to Abide in Love

Father,  I praise you for letting me know you as Father – with life-giving authority and power, filled with self- sacrificial love, always working out of the overflow of the wealth of your wisdom Father, you know me well. You know my story – both the sin AND suffering that have shaped my soul. YouContinue reading “Day 5 – A Prayer for the Parent Struggling to Abide in Love”

Day 3 – Living Through the Son

Growing up in a world that emphasized robust theology, I used look down on those who emphasized God’s love too much. It seemed to be at the expense of right theology. Those who sang about God’s love & seemed to only talk about it, were too “wishy-washy” for me. But, friends, a laser focus onContinue reading “Day 3 – Living Through the Son”

October series: Home in Motion

When we first moved overseas our oldest daughter really missed home. She longed for the normal she’d known and the permanence that had grounded her. She wanted nothing more than to return. But we had no plans of going back to the States (in fact we knew more moves lay ahead as part of ourContinue reading “October series: Home in Motion”

10 Ideas para celebrar adviento

El año pasado escribí este artículo sobre el Adviento y lo que significa. Este año simplemente quiero ofrecer algunas ideas que espero que te inspiren para celebrar con tu familia la primera venida de Cristo y anticipar la segunda. La idea no es añadir algo más en esta época complicada, sino más bien hacer unContinue reading “10 Ideas para celebrar adviento”

An Armor for the Holiday Season and Beyond

I recently heard someone quip that 2020 will soon become an adjective synonym of unexpected or unprecedented. As in, “I feel 2020” or, “That was very 2020 of him.” Someone else said it might be better to use it is as a verb: “Can you 2020 that?” At this point in the year most ofContinue reading “An Armor for the Holiday Season and Beyond”

On the Work of the Middle Years

I don’t hear a lot of people talking often about the middle years: those years between the little years and the teens years. I’ve heard about (and lived through!) the physical exhaustion of diapers, nighttime feedings, running behind a toddler. I’ve also heard about the emotional exhaustion of staying late talking with your teens, theContinue reading “On the Work of the Middle Years”

Lessons on Marriage from Life Overseas

For half of our married life we have lived overseas. Recently as I reflected on our life together, I realized that learning to live in another country is like learning to live with your spouse. So here are some tips on marriage brought to you from our life as expats. Become a fluent speaker andContinue reading “Lessons on Marriage from Life Overseas”