That I May Know Him–part 2

Two months ago we moved to another country. Even though people here have been very kind to us, we are still in the process of developing close friendships. I am at times battling loneliness and am desirous of deep connections. Recently, I was excited for several coffee/playdates lined up that week. I was really lookingContinue reading “That I May Know Him–part 2”

Encouragement Through Song

I discovered the song Shoulders from “For King and Country” a few months ago, right as we were getting ready to move overseas. My favorite part is actually at the beginning, before the song even begins: “I look up to the mountains. Does my strength come from the mountains? No. My strength comes from God whoContinue reading “Encouragement Through Song”

Guest Interview–Michelle Cooper, part 2

Yesterday I introduced you to my friend, Michelle. So thankful for her willingness to pull back the curtain a bit and let us have glimpses into their home, and most especially to God’s work in their lives. Here is the second part of the interview! Worthy Hope: What were/are some of the temptations that you face?Continue reading “Guest Interview–Michelle Cooper, part 2”

Guest Interview–Michelle Cooper, part 1

One of my favorite things is to sit down with a friend, ask them questions and learn from their experiences. Today I want to introduce you to a dear friend I’ve known for 5 years,  Michelle Cooper. She has been a consistent blessing and encouragement in my life. I love her honesty in this interview andContinue reading “Guest Interview–Michelle Cooper, part 1”

That I May Know Him

Any given day one or more of the following thoughts fill my mind: “Why does motherhood have to be so hard?” “Toddlers and preschoolers are not really my thing.” “I am not using my time/skills/gifts in the most effective way.” “I can’t believe my moments are made up of this [fill in the blank!]” TheseContinue reading “That I May Know Him”

Encouragement Through Song

Last week, at our worship service, we sang the song, You Are Our Hope by Sovereign Grace. I thought, “Wow! This is the soundtrack for my series!” It was faith building to sing aloud, proclaiming Jesus is my Hope. Singing aloud affirms these truths to our hearts as we encourage one another. This song is all about how the Resurrection impactsContinue reading “Encouragement Through Song”

Guest interview–Julie Pizzino

Today I am excited to share with you this interview with my dear friend Julie Pizzino. She loves the Lord Jesus Christ and His church. She has been a wonderful “older” Titus 2 woman in my life, especially as we share a passion to see the gospel in action in our communities and around theContinue reading “Guest interview–Julie Pizzino”

Daily Waves That Give Me Jesus

On my last blog post, I shared part of the context in which God has made me think about a theology of suffering as it pertains to motherhood. I shared about a big wave God used to grow my fearlessness as I found, to my profound delight, that my sufficiency was outside of myself (1 Pet.Continue reading “Daily Waves That Give Me Jesus”

A Big Wave–Battling Post Partum Depression

Today is the second day in a 31 day writing challenge. The topic for my series is about learning to embrace in motherhood the waves that throw us against Jesus, our Rock. Sometimes we face big waves; sometimes we experience small waves. They are all meant to accomplish something glorious in our lives. Before I expoundContinue reading “A Big Wave–Battling Post Partum Depression”