For the mama fighting shame on Mother’s Day

Dear mama, are you fighting shame today?  Shame… …in knowing all the ways you’ve sinned against your kids & failed in parenting?  …in the sting of the brokenness you feel in motherhood that seems to be affirmed by the lack of appreciation from your kids? …in the insecurity that comes from remembering childhood hurt &Continue reading “For the mama fighting shame on Mother’s Day”

What I Learned from Paying Attention to the Birds

It has been a season where I have been tasting paradox so tangibly. Feeling displaced and yet also rooted more deeply in Christ. Being shaken in my faith just to see how, in Christ, I am always standing in grace. Being really limited by circumstances but also freed up to have margin for the things that matter most.Continue reading “What I Learned from Paying Attention to the Birds”

The Goodness of Union with Christ

If you have been around this blog for a while you may know that I have a laser focus on union with Christ. It has become the framework in which I live. Lately, I have been pondering the beauty, goodness and truth of this reality. On this blog post I want to explore why unionContinue reading “The Goodness of Union with Christ”

Book recommendations summer/fall 2021

Disclaimer: I enjoy reading widely – not only genre wise, but also author-wise. Ultimately God’s word is my authority and so I read with discernment, evaluating what I read from the worldview that the Spirit has given me through his word. I encourage you to do the same. Counseling/Therapy:  I am working towards getting accreditedContinue reading “Book recommendations summer/fall 2021”

Day 19: A Home Grounded in Goodness

Few things have impacted me more than women who know with all their heart that God is good. They have suffered deeply sometimes, AND often. They know loss, grief, chronic pain – but they also are sure that God is good and that He is for them in Christ. Christ’s mission on earth was toContinue reading “Day 19: A Home Grounded in Goodness”

Day 18: Embrace Life-giving Authority

I think we all have a complicated relationship with authority. We may have experienced the gift of kind authority AND may have suffered under harsh and needy displays of authority as well. Maybe we swing back and forth on the pendulum – going from authoritarian to permissive continually and struggling to know what the middleContinue reading “Day 18: Embrace Life-giving Authority”

Day 17: Devotion in Action – Guest Post by Sara Lubbers

Do you know what the most quoted verse in the Bible is? It’s probably the one we most need to commit to memory, the one we most need to recall while parenting, and the one we most need to teach to our children. It comes from a powerful encounter that Moses had with the LORDContinue reading “Day 17: Devotion in Action – Guest Post by Sara Lubbers”