October series: Home in Motion

When we first moved overseas our oldest daughter really missed home. She longed for the normal she’d known and the permanence that had grounded her. She wanted nothing more than to return. But we had no plans of going back to the States (in fact we knew more moves lay ahead as part of ourContinue reading “October series: Home in Motion”

In which I introduce you to loneliness’ friends, and how I get them to leave

Loneliness always brings along a few friends. I would know. The first time I remember encountering Loneliness  I was 20. I had left my home in the Dominican Republic to go to university in the US.  Those first months were especially hard: I didn’t live on campus but a 20 minute drive away. I couldn’tContinue reading “In which I introduce you to loneliness’ friends, and how I get them to leave”

Loving our Kids Through Transition

“Mom, I really miss my friends.” We’d moved to the Middle East a few months before, and my oldest – then 3. 8 years old – was really struggling with leaving our old life behind. Her downcast look made my heart sink. “Oh sweetheart, I know. I miss my friends so much too…” I wantedContinue reading “Loving our Kids Through Transition”

Who Said We Have to Grow Up?

When my husband and I were in university we went to the same church. I would mostly gravitate to ladies older than me. My husband (who was then just a friend) would mostly hang out with their kids. I thought he was too goofy; he thought I was too serious. The truth is, I haveContinue reading “Who Said We Have to Grow Up?”

Joy-sharing: Helpful Resources on Union with Christ (Vol. 1)

Over the past two years I have been reading and learning more about union with Christ. For a recovering perfectionist with strong introspective tendencies, it has been very life-giving to become a serious student of the One who is perfection. Jesus has, by a ridiculous act of grace to a very undeserving sinner, bound HisContinue reading “Joy-sharing: Helpful Resources on Union with Christ (Vol. 1)”

A Truth That Rocks my Nomad Socks Off

It dawned on me this morning that for the past 15 years I have been saying goodbye.  I have repeatedly left family, friends, church, country and home. Each time I have left, there has been gain: college education, sweet friends, adventure, a husband, teaching experiences, discipleship opportunities, outreach ministries. But leaving so much also sucks.Continue reading “A Truth That Rocks my Nomad Socks Off”

Swirly – TCK book review 

Nothing has brought more tears and sobs than counting the cost of the impact on our kids of our life overseas. My husband and I have had many conversations about this. From the day moving was merely a possibility (and our girls were just 3.5 and 1.5) till now, we regularly assess how our childrenContinue reading “Swirly – TCK book review “