On contractions, suffering and glory

I wrote this article back in 2015 on another blog I had. Reposting it today. Recently I have been poignantly reminded of the brokenness of this world. I have read stories that have made my mother’s heart tremble and weep. The story about a mom of four young children who is about to die fromContinue reading “On contractions, suffering and glory”

10 Ideas para celebrar adviento

El año pasado escribí este artículo sobre el Adviento y lo que significa. Este año simplemente quiero ofrecer algunas ideas que espero que te inspiren para celebrar con tu familia la primera venida de Cristo y anticipar la segunda. La idea no es añadir algo más en esta época complicada, sino más bien hacer unContinue reading “10 Ideas para celebrar adviento”

An Armor for the Holiday Season and Beyond

I recently heard someone quip that 2020 will soon become an adjective synonym of unexpected or unprecedented. As in, “I feel 2020” or, “That was very 2020 of him.” Someone else said it might be better to use it is as a verb: “Can you 2020 that?” At this point in the year most ofContinue reading “An Armor for the Holiday Season and Beyond”

Lessons on Marriage from Life Overseas

For half of our married life we have lived overseas. Recently as I reflected on our life together, I realized that learning to live in another country is like learning to live with your spouse. So here are some tips on marriage brought to you from our life as expats. Become a fluent speaker andContinue reading “Lessons on Marriage from Life Overseas”

On Going to the Word When We are Perplexed

Sometimes we are tempted to stay away from God’s Word when we are confused about an aspect of the character of God. I experienced that this week. I have been really wrestling with a difficult relationship and not understanding how God is working through it. On top of that I was reading passages in Numbers andContinue reading “On Going to the Word When We are Perplexed”

On FIFA & Hebrews: some thoughts on not losing heart

It is day 34 of lockdown/curfew and oh friends, I am TIRED. My guess is most of you are too. And maybe, if you are like me, you know there are some really hard things that will not change after all this is over. That thought – the thought that life won’t necessarily get easierContinue reading “On FIFA & Hebrews: some thoughts on not losing heart”

On Women and Preaching, a guest post

Thankful to be hosting my husband, Ethan Merck, on here today. In the discussion about women preaching from the front on Sunday – the current surge of concerned discussion – I want to acknowledge that many women I know have been hurt and disadvantaged by people applying principles in ways that go beyond Scripture. TheContinue reading “On Women and Preaching, a guest post”

What We Gained from Losing a Bike

Today we are starting to sell/get rid of all our things, getting ready for our move next month. So yesterday, we went around the house saying goodbye to the things we love. At first it seemed like a funny thing we were doing. The girls were very amused by the exercise. “Bye, couch…!” Giggles. “Mom,Continue reading “What We Gained from Losing a Bike”