That I May Know Him–part 2

Two months ago we moved to another country. Even though people here have been very kind to us, we are still in the process of developing close friendships. I am at times battling loneliness and am desirous of deep connections. Recently, I was excited for several coffee/playdates lined up that week. I was really lookingContinue reading “That I May Know Him–part 2”

That I May Know Him

Any given day one or more of the following thoughts fill my mind: “Why does motherhood have to be so hard?” “Toddlers and preschoolers are not really my thing.” “I am not using my time/skills/gifts in the most effective way.” “I can’t believe my moments are made up of this [fill in the blank!]” TheseContinue reading “That I May Know Him”

A Big Wave–Battling Post Partum Depression

Today is the second day in a 31 day writing challenge. The topic for my series is about learning to embrace in motherhood the waves that throw us against Jesus, our Rock. Sometimes we face big waves; sometimes we experience small waves. They are all meant to accomplish something glorious in our lives. Before I expoundContinue reading “A Big Wave–Battling Post Partum Depression”